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Frequently Asked Questions

We can help answer some of the questions you may have:

Estate Planning
How do I plan for a family inheritance?
What is the best way to give money to my children?
What planning can be done to eliminate or reduce estate taxes?
How does charitable giving fit into my overall estate plan?
Should I form trusts for the benefit of my children?
Which estate attorney should I work with?

Business Succession Planning
How do I establish value for my business?
How do I develop a succession plan?
What if one of my key employees dies prematurely or leaves the company?
Will I be able to retire from my business and have it carry on?
How often should my buy-sell agreement be reviewed?
What is the best way to pass my business to the next generation?
If I want to retire, are there ways to sell my business to my employees?
Would my business survive in the event of my death or disability?

Retirement Planning
Am I on target to reach my retirement goals?
Am I making the right investment choices in my retirement plans?
What assets do I take income from first (retirement, non-retirement, real estate, etc.)?
How do I minimize taxes?
When should I begin taking Social Security?
How much annual income will I need to live on?
What impact can long-term care have on my retirement?
Can I provide a good education for my children, and still retire comfortably?
Will my assets last through my life expectancy?

Insurance Planning
How much life insurance should I have? How much should my spouse have?
What kind of life insurance should I have (whole, term, convertible term, etc.)?
What would happen if I became disabled?
Should I have long-term care insurance?
How do I provide for my children with special needs?
How can insurance help protect against potential estate tax liabilities?

Investment Management
What changes (if any) should I make to my current investment portfolio?
What is asset allocation? Does it work?
How do I determine the range of possible outcomes for my investments?
What are investment planning best practices?
What is value investing? Should I be doing it?
How do fees impact outcomes?
What investment returns should I expect from each asset class?
What are expectations, and why are they important to understand?
What are alternative investments? Should I be allocating to them?
What is momentum? How does it affect the markets?
How do the Federal Reserve's policies affect the markets?