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Timeless & Universal Jacobi Investment Principles

We believe successful, long-term investing results primarily from analyzing, understanding and adhering to these core investment principles.  We have studied them for the past 25 years through the teachings and writings of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger – three of the most renowned value investors in history. 

  1. Valuation can be both analyzed and measured using quantifiable data.  Investments should be made only when these measurements indicate existing opportunities.
  2. Momentum is an extremely powerful dynamic in both nature and the financial markets.  At times, momentum may supersede underlying fundamentals, and should therefore be closely tracked.
  3. Expectations can be one of the most dangerous forces in the financial markets. Periods of excessive fear and greed often present tremendous opportunities if properly measured and monitored.  Emotions must be avoided in favor of quantification.
  4. Monetary Policy is a pivotal wildcard in the investment world.  Investors fighting against the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy actions may have a more difficult time.