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It can be difficult for an outsider to understand the mind and world of a business owner. At Jacobi Wealth Advisors, we understand the challenges you face everyday and the added risk and complexity that business ownership brings to the financial planning process. Most business owners have the majority of their net worth “trapped” in their illiquid, privately-held company. Developing a strategic Exit plan to monetize your largest asset is a critical component to your overall financial path

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At some point, you ARE going to leave your business. The question is When, How, and on What terms? According to BizEquity, a leading national firm on business valuation, 86% of private business owners lack a formal Exit and Succession strategy for their business.

Gauging your financial and mental readiness to leave your business is an absolute necessity, take our Business Exit Readiness Index (BERI) survey and receive a free, 6-page report with your results TM

Is Your Business Too Dependent Upon You?

Is Your Business Too Dependent Upon You?

A key ingredient to a sound exit and succession plan is creating a business you can transfer, which by definition is a business that can be owned and run by someone else today. Many owners have a business that is simply too dependent upon them to be able to transfer it to someone else.

To gauge how dependent upon you your company really is- take our Owner Dependence Index (ODI) survey and receive a free report with your results.