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Our Strategy & Tactical Review

Relationships between financial advisors and their clients evolve over time and too often tend to become reactive and transactional in nature. The client may call when they have a specific need or a critical life event occurs. The financial advisor may call to conduct a standard “state of the union review” or if there is a new product or service they feel may be appropriate for you. This dynamic can lead to a financial plan that becomes fragmented with significant gaps and overlaps.

At Jacobi Wealth Advisors, we take a much different approach. The relationship we have with our clients is both Strategic and Tactical in nature. As a client progresses through our planning process, we manage all of the moving parts of their plan through our regular Strategy and Tactical review meetings.

Client Centered

We start by highlighting your goals around Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Money, what we refer to at Jacobi as your FORM goals. Each review starts with a carefully crafted agenda that covers a range of topics with three key objectives in mind:

  • Ensure your current plan is performing to expectations based upon the needs and goals you have outlined and determine adjustments accordingly
  • Monitor changes in your personal and professional life as well as the current economic and tax landscape and determine the impact to your current financial plan
  • Identify threats and opportunities that may have a major impact on your current plan

Our proactive, process driven planning puts our clients in a position to weather inevitable financial storms and develop a high degree of financial wellness.

Unlocking the Treasures of Financial Wellness

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