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Experience The Jacobi Method

We Recognize That Engaging In A Financial Planning Process Can Be Overwhelming. Finding The Right Professionals Whom You Can Trust And Will Force You To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone To Make Tough Decisions And Develop Financial Discipline Often Leads To Procrastination.

Client Centered
  • 1. Discovery

    A critical step in the process, we invest time to learn all the details of your financial goals

  • 2. Analysis

    Before we can make recommendations, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your current plan measured against your goals

  • 3. Customization

    With all this valuable information in hand, we can customize an enhanced plan to match your needs

  • 4. Implementation

    We implement your plan with our AAI Approach - Action | Accountability | Impact

  • 5. Service

    We’re committed to the highest level of Service Standards

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Why Is Our Process So Powerful?

The Jacobi Method focuses on what we refer to as AAI.


We do a deep dive into your financial needs and goals along with an analysis to determine if your current plan is performing as intended. We then prioritize critical planning areas and strategies and create a timeline for implementation. A small detail can make a big difference.


Nothing is left to chance. We hold ourselves accountable and help hold you and other team members accountable to stay on task and deliver on key planning objectives. Gaps and overlaps in a financial plan can often occur without a lack of collaboration and accountability. Our process aims to reduce this risk.


The impact our process has on your finances should be measurable. At Jacobi Wealth Advisors, our goal is to put each client in a better position financially than they were prior to partnering with us.

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